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I am a results-driven Software Developer with a Mechanical Engineering background and a passion for Java, Microservices, and Integration Solutions. With two years of experience, my analytical mindset from engineering has helped me excel in computer science. My expertise includes Java-based environments, Microservices architectures, REST API, Middleware development with WSO2 and Apache Camel, Spring framework, and NoSQL databases like Neo4j and MongoDB. I adhere to clean code principles for efficient and maintainable systems. I continuously update my skills and stay informed about the latest trends in computer science. I thrive in team environments, valuing collaboration and leveraging the unique skills and experiences of each team member to create the best solutions.

In addition to my professional interests, I have a diverse range of hobbies that help me maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. One of my favorite pastimes is producing electronic music, which allows me to channel my creativity and explore various sonic landscapes. Additionally, I am passionate about staying up-to-date with new technologies and often engage in self-directed learning to expand my knowledge and skills. This pursuit not only enriches my personal life but also contributes to my growth as a software developer, enabling me to bring innovative ideas to the projects I work on.

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A Practical Guide to Microservices Orchestration with Apache Camel

Apache Camel is a versatile, open-source integration framework that simplifies the process of connecting and orchestrating various microservices. It empowers developers to create complex routes and integrations using simple and reusable components, known as Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs). In this project, we will provide a hands-on, practical example of orchestrating microservices using Apache Camel.

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An example of orchestration in wso2, with comparative analysis.

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Microservices architecture example

This is a simple microservice example that demonstrates the use of WebFlux, CriteriaBuilder Query, and MapStruct to fetch an Order from MongoDB. The application provides a RESTful API that accepts query parameters and returns a list of orders that match the given criteria.


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